introducing tiger gin
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All our ingredients are natural

No artificial flavourings


100% grain spirit

Pure English water

Juniper berries from the Balkans ( provides classical perfumed notes )

Coriander seeds from Easter Europe ( Warm eastern spice adds depth and complexity )

Cut and dried Angelica root from France/Belgium ( earthy base note )

Dried sweet lemon peels from Spain (  fresh zesty lemony notes accentuates the notes of the other Botanicals)

Dried sweet orange peels from Spain ( fresh sweet citrus notes )

Cassia bark from China ( warm spice notes )

Liquorice root powder from the Mediterranean ( light notes and sweetness  )

Ground nutmeg from the West Indies ( offers that lingering warmth )

Cinnamon Bark from Madagascar ( Delicate warm woody sweet and spicy )

Orrisroot powder from Italy ( earthy and floral notes which binds all the botanicals )